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About Us 關於我們



Salesian Chinese School was established since 1984 in Edmonton.  We celebrated our 35th anniversary in 2019.  Our school’s objective is to provide a fun and nurturing environment to learn about Chinese culture and language. Our students not only learn from weekend classes but also in activities and cultural events.  School is fully operated by volunteers.  We hope you can join us to learn more about the Chinese culture and the language!












Words from the Principal


Education is not about how much you have committed to memory or how much you know, it’s about replacing a closed mind with an open one. It's about inspiring students to reach for new heights and giving them the confidence to speak and interact effectively with the people around them - regardless of their age or background. As educators and parents, this is our mission.


As we enter into our 30th Anniversary of the Salesian Chinese School, we will be taking an interactive approach. In order maximize learning, we need to engage our students' hearts, as well as their minds. I have challenged my staff to be creative and to use as many hands-on activities as possible to stimulate learning and growth. And, most importantly, have fun along the way! During the course of the year as part of our School curriculum, we will be holding a number of 'Special Events' designed to bring out the best in our students. This could include games, singing, skits, origami, cooking classes, art & calligraphy, shopping, eating as in a restaurant - everyday activities that will give them the confidence to speak and practice their Chinese. Twenty years from now, they won't remember the formal Chinese lesson plans we painstakingly created for them, but they will remember the laughter, fun and memories they shared with the friends they met at Chinese School! If we can instil the confidence and pride in them, to use what they have learned in Chinese School, we will have accomplished our mission.


On behalf of our Parish Pastor and myself, welcome to the Edmonton Chinese Catholic Parish Salesian Chinese School! We always welcome your participation and feedback in any of the activities and look forward to making it a wonderful year of learning!

God bless,


Catherine Chan


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