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Our Programs

The Salesian Chinese School is a weekend Chinese language school operated by the Edmonton Chinese Catholic Parish for children age 3 (potty trained) and above (open to both Catholics or non-Catholics).  Classes range from pre-school to graduating class and adult class.  Verbal components are in Cantonese, while reading and writing be based on traditional Chinese characters.

The graduating class level is equivalent to Hong Kong Grade 6, which allows graduates to carry out conversations, plus basic reading and writing skills. Adult class students are mostly Canadian born Chinese as well as non-Chinese.  Their curriculum focuses on daily conversation and cultural customs.


In addition to learning the Chinese language, every month the school will arrange different themed activities so that students can experience many facets of the Chinese culture.  Activities include Chinese calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, Chinese martial arts, Chinese seal making, Chinese cooking, abacus, and participation in the annual Chinese New Year Carnival hosted by the parish.

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堂區辦事處: (780) 482-7481


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